A Sleep Scientist Disputes Some Common Assumptions About Sleep and Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Mental and Physical Health

NPR posted “Sleep Scientist Warns against Walking through Life ‘In An Underslept State’” on 10-16-17. This article, which is a summary of a fresh air interview with sleep scientist Matthew Walker is an excellent and concise summary of the current science behind getting adequate and healthy sleep. Dr. Walker provided seven recommendations for behaviors that will help with sleep.

Peer Support Specialist phone support, evenings and Saturdays

Mental health Minnesota, which used to be the Mental Health Association of Minnesota, provides an interesting service utilizing Peer Support Specialists, The Minnesota WarmLine.People in a mental health crisis may text a message to the program and receive a call from a peer support specialist For a “safe and confidential” discussion that can provide support, coaching, and help with accessing resources.

Health care psychology: SAMHSA webinar about coordinating with PCPs for older adults

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration – Center for Integrated Health Solutions presented a webinar, “Aging Well: Addressing Behavioral Health with Older Adults in Primary Care Settings” on 2-15-17. (to view the video, you must register.  It is 90 minutes.  I think that I have summarized the most important information.)

New guidelines for diabetes treatment create opportunities for health care psychologists

The American Diabetes Association recently issued guidelines for better addressing the psychosocial needs of persons with diabetes.  The guidelines illustrate both opportunities for expanding health care psychology by collaborating with primary care physicians, and also some significant challenges.  “Landmark psychosocial guidelines for diabetes spark debate over the ideal versus the practical” was published by MDEdge.com, an online news service, on 12-8-16.  This article discusses these guidelines as “a state-of-the-art approach to delivering integrated mental health especially services to this patient population.”