Clinical Question: Child Client/Patient Trashed Your Waiting Room – Who Pays?

A colleague asked a very interesting and, I think, challenging question (based on a real world situation): he specializes in treating children with neurologically-based disorders.  He was talking to parents in the office and their child was in the waiting room, something triggered the child and the child damaged the waiting room.  The damage was considerable- several hundred dollars, possible up to $1000.  The question I was asked is, “who is responsible for the damage?” Wow – what a question!  I don’t recall discussing this sort of problem in graduate school and fortunately have never had it happen in my

MHConcierge Survey: MN Psychologists and Telehealth Services

MHConcierge Survey:  MN Psychologists and Telehealth Services

Thanks to the 35 colleagues who responded to this survey!  For my 6 previous MHConcierge surveys, I sent an invitation to participate in to a variety of listservs, social networking sites – and a list that purchased from the MN Board of Psychology.  The MBOP list provided the majority of responses. While preparing for the current survey, I learned that the services that I use (Survey Monkey and MailChimp) both forbid using purchased lists.  Therefore, I chose to not risk trouble with those services (and MBOP),  and did not use the MBOP list – but unfortunately have much lower numbers

New Personality Test Based on Temperament, Neurology

“Are You A ‘Testosterone’ or A ’Dopamine’?” Reports on a new brain-based personality test designed to help people better understand both their own psychology and their relationships, particularly romantic ones. The test, the Fisher Temperament Index, identifies  four brain systems that have been linked by research to personality traits. It was developed a biological anthropologist, Helen Fisher, who set out to develop a personality test to replace tests like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Loneliness (But Not Necessarily Social Isolation) Can Impair Health – Similar to Depression

Loneliness (But Not Necessarily Social Isolation) Can Impair Health – Similar to Depression

“The Surprising Effects of Loneliness on Health” reports on research building on previous research that established potentially harmful effects of loneliness and socialization on health and launch activity. The current research makes more of a distinction between, which involves the subjective sense of isolation” versus social isolation, which may or may not involve loneliness.

Most Brief Personality Quizzes Are “Junk Science” -With One Exception

Online personality quizzes are increasingly popular, and you may have experienced a client/patient who takes one and wants to discuss the results as though they are meaningful and important. “Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. I Found One That Isn’t” takes most of the online personality quizzes to task, particularly the Myers-Briggs (which can be taken online for $50). The article briefly points out the lack of evidence-based support for these tests-with the exception of one’s that are based on the Big Five personality assessment system.