Research clarifies the actual benefits of having a pet: still good for you, just less than previously thought

Research clarifies the actual benefits of having a pet: still good for you, just less than previously thought

Published by the Wall Street Journal on 10-27-17 (MHConcierge tends to ignore the journals politics and political commentaries, and focus on the superb health, science, and technology reporting which appears to be free of political bias), “The Real Benefits of Pet Ownership; our animal friends may not make us healthier, but they earn in their keep in other ways.” This is an interesting and well with article that reviews the current research about the potential benefits of pets. Some of the older research nas not held up very well, but current research is refining our understanding of the potential benefits

A Sleep Scientist Disputes Some Common Assumptions About Sleep and Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Mental and Physical Health

NPR posted “Sleep Scientist Warns against Walking through Life ‘In An Underslept State’” on 10-16-17. This article, which is a summary of a fresh air interview with sleep scientist Matthew Walker is an excellent and concise summary of the current science behind getting adequate and healthy sleep. Dr. Walker provided seven recommendations for behaviors that will help with sleep.

Melatonin: what therapists and consumers need to know

Insomnia is one of the most common health problems that mental health professionals hear about from their patients. In MHConcierge’s experience, many patients are taking, or considering, melatonin. Their PCP may have recommended it, or they may have just decided to try it on their own. “Read This If You Take Melatonin to Sleep at Night” was posted by recently, and this consumer-friendly article is a concise summary of the benefits of melatonin (limited) and potential concerns (several potential nuisance problems, and possibly significant drug interaction concerns).

Social Isolation and Mortality – As Much Risk as Obesity?

“Loneliness May Represent a Greater Public Health Hazard Than Obesity” reports on a presentation at the American psychological Association Annual Convention. The presentation reviewed the results of two very thorough meta-analyses, one with a total of 300,000 participants and the other with more than 3.4 million participants in several countries. The focus was on the role of social isolation, loneliness, or living alone contributed to mortality.

Meditation and Evolution, Buddha and Darwin – Can They Compliment Each Other?

If you are interested in meditation, especially Buddhist mediation, you may enjoy “The Medication Cure: A basic practice of Buddhism turns out to be one of the best ways to deal with the anxieties and appetites bequeathed to us by our evolutionary history” published by the Wall Street Journal on 7-28-17 (MHConcierge generally ignores the WLS’s politics, but finds their science, health and technology reporting to be excellent).  This article briefly reviews the basic concepts of Buddhist meditation, and goes on to integrate them with evolutionary theory, which helps explain why people are prone to worry and skepticism about the