Raw Fruit and Veggies better for Mental Health Than Processed Fruit and Veggies

Raw Fruit and Veggies better for Mental Health Than Processed Fruit and Veggies

“Intake of Raw Fruits and Vegetables Is Associated With Better Mental Health Than Intake of Processed Fruits and Vegetables” reports on a study using an online survey of 422 young adults in New Zealand and the US.  Raw Fruit and Vegetable Intake (RVI) was compared to processed (cooked and canned veggies) FVI using several mental health-related measures.  Raw FVI was found to significantly predict higher mental health outcomes.  The authors review studies of diet and mood, and theorize that their findings fit with evidence that cooking reduces some important nutrients in veggies, and these nutrients contribute to positive mental health. 

Study with over 33K subjects finds low-level exercise to be protective for depression, not anxiety

“Exercise and The Prevention of Depression: Results of the HUNT Cohort Study” was published by the American Journal of Psychiatry in the January 2018 issue. MHConcierge has reported frequently on studies like this, but this one is notable for a couple of reasons: the study was a perspective study which followed 33,908 (!) adults for 11 years. The subjects were initially “healthy,” without current symptoms of depression or anxiety. The study was designed to specifically research whether exercise provides protection against new-onset depression and anxiety, and if so what “dose” of exercise is required to gain protection. The results find

Insomnia update: tart cherry juice found to have remarkable benefit (but from small study)

Following up on last week’s posting about a sleep scientist’s advice opposing use of sleep medications, and advocating for naturalistic and psychological, here is another interesting article about research that finds that tart cherry do’s significantly increased sleep time for insomniacs. The ScienceBlog.com published “Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Increased Sleep Time in Insomniacs” on 10-28-17.  The results were significant and found that the subjects who received the tart cherry juice treatment rated their sleep is significantly better, and were found to have actually slept on the average 84 more minutes than the control group.

Mindfulness benefits for infants and children: you don’t need to be a Zen monk to help your child

The New York Times posted “Mindfulness for Children” on 10-28-17. This is part of their ongoing Well blog series, which provides excellent summaries of recent research and developments of interest to the general population interested in health issues. This article reviews potential benefits of mindfulness training for children, including helping them learn self-control, soothe themselves when anxious, and can promote positive attitudes.

Psychology and SUD treatment: BAT helps get better outcomes, sobriety

On 10-26-17 the online blog ClinicalEdge, published by Clinical Psychiatry News, posted, “Behavioral Activation Effective for Substance Use.” This brief article reviews a study originally published online by the journal Addiction on 9-30-17. Researchers conducted a randomized clinical trial with 263 adult subjects, with follow-up assessment at three, six, and 12 months post treatment.