Clinical Question: Child Client/Patient Trashed Your Waiting Room – Who Pays?

A colleague asked a very interesting and, I think, challenging question (based on a real world situation): he specializes in treating children with neurologically-based disorders.  He was talking to parents in the office and their child was in the waiting room, something triggered the child and the child damaged the waiting room.  The damage was considerable- several hundred dollars, possible up to $1000.  The question I was asked is, “who is responsible for the damage?” Wow – what a question!  I don’t recall discussing this sort of problem in graduate school and fortunately have never had it happen in my

Do you want more friends? Science has some tips to help.

Do you want more friends?  Science has some tips to help.

One of the most common problems that people in therapy want help with is making new friends, which can be very challenging these days. “How to Make Friends, According to Science” is a brief article that discusses what the social sciences can tell us about making friends, including: don’t discount your casual acquaintances; don’t forget about old friends that you have lost touch with – “rekindle old friendships”; it takes time to make new friends – “be patient”; and keep in mind that there are many others out there, probably in your social world, who also want to make new

Getting started with telemental health: training resources

Getting started with telemental health: training resources

Providing telehealth, or telemental health,  services is an opportunity for mental health professionals to expand their practice, meet the expectations of an increasingly technology-savvy patient/client population, and to help meet the needs of underserved populations.  You will, however, need to be knowledgeable about requirements that are unique to telemental health to ensure that you are properly prepared  – including being knowledgeable about both clinical and regulatory risks. Also, you will need to document to some insurance companies that you are properly prepared in order to bill for telemental health services. There three primary issues that you will need to address,