People increasingly turn to the Internet for news and resources. This includes both consumers seeking quality mental health resources and professional colleagues who are potential referral sources. Mental health clinicians who do not have a robust website and who are not participating in social networking are likely to be increasingly marginalized. MHConcierge provides resources to help busy clinicians have a meaningful online presence while still being able to focus on what their clinical work. For those who already have a website and social networking in place, we can help theme refine and expand their online activities.

MHConcierge provides consulting to help you with:

  • understand different website platforms
  • be knowledgeable about the components of a high-quality website
  • utilize website tools that are necessary to make the site look professional and function effectively, including “mobile friendly” functioning
  • use media to create an attractive and engaging website
  • create a site with optimal ranking for browser searches (Search Engine Optimization, or SEO)
  • understand site and user analytics (such as Google Analytics)
  • enhance your website by creating an engaging, informative and attractive blog/newsletter
  • understand how to use your website for marketing your practice, administrative functions, and sharing your clinical knowledge
  • understanding the benefits and risks of an online social media
  • participating in social media effectively and ethically
  • and more.

The MHConcierge website/social media consulting team is:

Nikolai Langlois
Nikolai Langlois

Nikolai Langois.  Nik is an established professional in the healthcare field.  He is currently a Senior Applications Developer in the Business Intelligence Department for the University of Minnesota Physicians (UMP) group in Minneapolis, MN.  UMP owns and manage more than 50 specialty clinics and five family medicine clinics, and employ more than 900 physicians and 1,600 health professionals and staff. Nik was worked for UMP for  four years, and helps build custom apps to support the University of Minnesota Physicians business. He previously worked for 8 years for public television stations and helped to create and manage their websites. He taught IT-related classes at the University of Utah, and currently teaches at the Arts Institute International of Minnesota and Minneapolis Media Institute. He also teaches popular classes for the Minneapolis Schools Community Education program.  His classes include WordPress, Google Analytics, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, iMovie and more.

Nik is highly knowledgeable about the technical requirements of web design, security and HIPAA compliance requirements, and graphic arts resources – all of which are necessary for a robust, functional, attractive and safe website.

Richard Sethre, PsyD, LP

Richard Sethre, PsyD, LP.  Richard has managed his own website for 3 year and is an active blogger. He provides the MHConciege newsletter to over 100 subscribers.  The newsletter provides original articles and links to resources of interest to clinicians providing both general mental health services and health care psychology services. Richard also provides regular  information about how technology can help you function more efficiently and effectively, freeing you up to focus more on your clinical practice.

Richard is available to consult on the content of your website.



If you would like to learn more about MHConcierge web/social media consulting, please call Richard at 612-460-0692 or email him at