New York Times on ADHD- very thorough article

The 1-22-14 edition of the New York Times has, on the front page and extending for several more pages, a very thorough article about the current issues and controversies about ADHD.  It is, I think, an excellent summary for mh professionals who want to get an update, and also could be provided to patients or parents who would like a thorough, detailed and, I think, objective summary about ADHD issues and controversies. The article quotes C. Keith Conners, who developed the Conners rating scales and CPT tests, several times.

New York Times on why high calorie foods are “addictive”

The New York Times “Well” section has some excellent summaries about current health research. They may be informative to health care professionals, but also provide, I think, information that can be accessible to patients, too. An article published on 1-23-14  describes interesting research about what makes high calorie foods so “addictive,” and it turns out that it is the sugar more than the fat.

NPR article about research that disputes S.A.D. diagnosis

NPR had an interesting piece on 1-22-14 by their science correspondent, Shankar Vandantam),  who seems to take a particular interest in mental health matters (he has written a book,  The Hidden Brain: How our Unconscious Minds Elect Presidents, Control Markets, Wage Wars and Save Our Lives).  The article discusses whether there is actually “empirical evidence for wintertime depression, widely believed to be ubiquitous.” Interestingly, he finds that the research form several countries actually finds that, “Study after study after study seems to show that people are not more depressed in the winter. If anything, they are less depressed in the winter.”   They are clearly

Strib opinion piece in support of psychological services

The Star Tribune published an interesting article written by a non-psychologist on 1- 22-14.  The author is  highly supportive of psychological treatment, and, appropriately, comments on the limitations of mental health medications. The author, Paul John Scott, from Rochester, is an award-winning writer and journalist.