The June 28, 2014, edition of USA Today has an interesting article about the problems with the national MH system. It documents the history of problems with the Medicare and Medicaid systems, and how they are underfunded due to to a combination of stigma against the mentally ill and concerns about how much it would cost to properly fund the MH components of these programs. As this article points out, the good news is that the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act mandates parity for MH services.

The bad news is that the Act does not cover Medicare and the Federal government has not yet released rules for how this will be interpreted for Medicare. Also of interest, Representative Tim Murphy, Ph.D., of Pennsylvania, a psychologist, has introduced a bill to address some of the problems with the Federal system, the Helping Families in MH Crisis Act. It has 92 cosponsors, including Keith Ellison and Eric Paulson. More into is available at:
The complete USA today article is at:

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