Psychologist Christopher Burke on why men are reluctant to seek health services, and how to help them.

Christopher Burke, Ph.D., had an article published in the Minnesota Health Care News,  a magazine oriented to the medical community.  This is of interest, I think, for two reasons:  first, the article, “Why Don’t Men Seek Care?”, is informative about men’s health and treatment compliance (or non-compliance!) issues.  Second, having this type of article helps promote integrating psychological and other behavioral services with primary medical care. Here is a copy of the article, provided by permission from Dr. Burke: Burke article

Psychological strategies for improved self control- learning from 5-year-olds!

The New York Times published an interesting article on 9-14-14 about a psychologist who has researched self control for children, and his advice for adults who want to improve their self control.  The psychologist, Walter Mischel, Ph.D., has done famous research with children using marshmallows, and is now, for better or worse, as “the marshmallow man.”  To summarize his research very briefly, he found that how 5-year-olds who were offered a marshmallow but told that they needed to resist eating it for a while responded to this test predicted their self control abilities.

Bariatric Issues: potential use of activity tracker data by insurance companies to set premiums

The online magazine published an interesting article on 9-11-14, “Insurance Companies Want To Use Your Personal Data to Determine Your Premiums”  The article discussed how insurance companies are beginning to use data from their member’s various devices to set premium rates.  The most common current example is the use of data from a car device that is used to track the driver’s behavior. The article also discusses the plans of insurance companies to expand this to include home monitoring devices and, more of interest to wellness professionals and consumers, activity tracking devices.

End-of-life care and psychologists, and other behavioral professionals

The Aug. 30, ‘14, edition of the New York Times included an article, CoverageforEnd–of–LifeTalksGainingGround, about paying doctors, and potentially other medical providers, to talk to patients about end of life care issues and treatment options, and to help with with the very challenging and complex decisions that they are facing.