University of Minnesota neuroscientist David Redish, Ph.D., was featured in a Sports Illustrated article, “Brain Games: a top neuroscientist explains how difficult it is to master an NFL playbook.”   Dr. Redish provided helpful information, based on his research about human decision making processes, about the difference between the “deliberative system,” which is relatively slower, and the “procedural system,” which is located in part of the brain that it totally separate from the deliberative system and has a relatively quicker process of analyzing data and making a decision.

He provides an interesting real-world example using his neuroscience research to understand common complex, decision making many people enjoy watching on Sunday afternoons. Dr. Redish is a Distinguished McNight University Professor and teaches in the Department of Neuroscience at the U. of M.  His book  The Mind Within the Brain  is described as bringing together “cutting edge research in psychology, robotics, economics, neuroscience, and the new fields of neuroeconomics and computational psychiatry, to offer a unified theory of human decision-making.”

10-16-14, correction:  This post originally indentified Dr. Redish as a neuropsychologist.

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