had a  posting on 10-1-14 about interesting consumer technology, “How I Wore A Brainwave-Reading Headset For A Week And Learned to Calm My Mind.” It provides a summary of how EEG devices have evolved from specialized, and expensive, medical equipment to consumer devices that are potentially more affordable, with prices ranging from $99 to $399.  Of course, you get more with the more expensive devices.

The author tried several and found them to have varying degrees of comfort and effectiveness.  She also found them to currently have pretty limited smartphone apps to use with the device.  She describes herself as having “an ADHD brian” and reports that she found the devices to help her calm and focus her mind.  Her overall take is that the technology is interesting, but needs some more refining before it is likely to become more popular.  She also noted, accurately I think, that the people who currently would be interested in this type of device are likely to be people who are already using some sort of activity tracker or other “wearable” health tracking device, and who want a higher level of data to monitor and use for feedback.

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