MH Practice Resources: APA Pariety Poster

Courtesy of Ken Pope, Ph.D.‘s prolific psychology posting services, the American Psychiatric Association published a good, and free, poster about mental health pariety and the law which may be downloaded and printed.  Or, you could use it on your website by attaching it as a PDF.  TIP: if you do not have a color printer, use the black and white/grayscale setting on your printer, or else the print will be too light. 

Mental Health and Technology: Review of the new psychology service provided by Doctors on Demand

On 12-17-14 the online tech news site re/code published an interesting article about the Doctor on Demand online service, “A Doc in Your Pocket: Doctor on Demand Gets Smarter.“ Doctor on Demand is internet service that access to MDs or Ph.D. psychologists via their website or a smartphone app. The site states, “Though there is no clinical difference between Video Therapy and in-office therapy, there are tremendous benefits in the access and convenience of Doctor On Demand Video Therapy,” and goes on to advocate, as is typical of telehealth supporters, that their service provides easy access to a “pre-screened, high

Integrating Primary Medical and Behavioral Health Services: Reducing Medication Side Effects

The American Psychiatric Association publishes a weekly online newsletter about integrated care, “Integrated Care News Notes.” The Dec. 9 issue includes a summary of an interesting study, “Reduction of Patient-Reported Antidepressant Side Effects, by Type of Collaborative Care.”  —————————— This study compared the outcomes for two groups of patients receiving treatment for medication in primary care settings: one groups received standard “evidence-based” care from a PMP team in on office setting, and the other group received a a combination of the office care and “telemedicine-based collaborative care,” with telephone interviews that helped the patients with their medication side effects. The

Integrating Behavioral, Chemical Health and Medical Treatments for Alcohol Problems.

The Wall Street Journal, which publishes high quality articles about science and health, published an update about treatments for alcohol problems on 12-16-14. The article, “A Prescription to End Drinking: Data on Medicine for Alcohol Disorders Pushes Doctors Beyond 12-Step Programs,” covers a lot of territory. ———————– It begins be reviewing research that finds that there is a wide range of severity of alcohol problems, a wide range of contributing factors, and more need for individualized treatment than has been provided in the past. About 1 in 5 American adults drink excessively on a monthly basis, and about 3% are

Psychology in the news: Wall Street Journal article about research about behaviors that help people feel better

The Wall Street Journal published an article on 11-17-14 which reviewed interesting research about how people can improve their mood with relatively small changes of their behavior. The article, “Walk this Way: Acting Happy Can Make It So,” describe research that has found that people’s mood affects how they walk. The article notes, “when people are happy, they tend walk faster and more upright, swung their arms and move up and down more, in this way less side to side and sad or depressed people.