The Obesity Action Coalition publishes a quarterly magazine, Your Weight Matters. The Winter 2015 edition includes an interesting article about the potential benefits of yoga with excessive weight, “Yoga for All Bodies: the True Purpose of Practice for All.” The article reviews the potential benefits of yoga, and discusses concerns that many overweight people have about trying it. The author notes that there are many benefits to yoga, and some are particularly helpful for people with excessive weight. These include: flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and general strength and mental health benefits.

The author goes on to provide some tips for starting yoga. She begins by emphasizing the importance of starting” within you.” She recommends that people who are considering yoga and are reluctant to try it again by opening himself up to the new experience of yoga. She also recommends that the yoga novice begin by trying a class at a yoga studio, rather than at a large gym or other kid’s operation which is likely to have a large class filled with fitness enthusiasts. Also, she notes that many yoga studios now offer productive classes specifically for people who have weight problems. She writes, This may be a more comfortable place to start since the class and asanas are structured specifically to accommodate the most common ailments that are experienced by individuals who are affected by obesity.” She also emphasizes the need to keep in mind that individuals in a yoga class, even an introductory yoga class, will be able to have different levels of participation, and what matters most is your own participation. Finally, and most importantly, she emphasizes that it is crucial to “have compassion for your body throughout your practice and let your body guide you into for how you go into a pose.”

Also identifies a special aspect of yoga programs, which is that, “yoga offers a learning environment free of judgment and expectations.” Yoga class can potentially be an opportunity to learn skills that help with self relaxation, self soothing, detaching from difficult situations, and they also help with physical flexibility and stamina.

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