MN Behavioral Professionals in the News: psychologist C.J. Peek is recognized by physicians

The Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians recognized U. of M. Psychologist C.J. Peek with their 2015 Researcher of the Year Award.   From the Academy’s announcement: C.J. Peek, Ph.D., Minneapolis, MN, received the 2015 Researcher of the Year Award from the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP). The recipient of the Researcher of the Year Award must, through the course of his/her career, have contributed in a major, outstanding manner to the development of family medicine research in Minnesota and/or nationally.  Candidates are typically nominated by their colleagues. C.J. Peek is a professor with the University of Minnesota Department of Family Medicine

U. of M.’s Bariatric Education Days Conference – review

The University of Minnesota Bariatric Education Days is an annual conference that was held on May 27 and 28, 2015. It provided an update on the state of obesity and obesity treatments. We learned that, even though a rate of obesity is not growing as rapidly as in the past, it is still growing. Currently 18 million people, or the equivalent of the population of Florida, could potentially benefit from weight loss (WLS), or bariatric, surgery. Only about 100,000 are getting surgery per year. The president of the American Society for Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery (ASBMS), John Morton, M.D., was

Minnesota MH Professional on how to “Manage Managed Care Reviews”

Courtesy of Ken Pope’s prolific posting service, which provided brief excerpts form the article, here is a summary of an interesting article by a  Minnesota psychologist and psychiatrist colleague about how to work with managed care reviewers. The article, “Managing Managed Care’s Outpatient Review Process: Insights and Recommendations From Peer Reviewers at a Health Services Company” is by Kathleen J. Papatola. Ph.D., L.P.  and Stuart L. Lustig M.D. and was published in Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, May, 2015. It is available for purchase online. Dr. Papatola is a psychologist and Dr. Lustig is a psychiatrist, and both work for