The treatment of schizophrenia has focused on medication and social support services, but recent research, reported in the New York Times, has supports the benefits of psychological treatment.  “Talk Therapy Found to Ease Schizophrenia” describes a major study that found that more emphasis on one-on-one talk therapy provided more benefits for patient recovery than the usual drug-focused treatments.

This research is part of a trend supporting the benefits of psychological treatments for conditions that have until recently been viewed as benefiting primarily from medication.

On a related, but non-research note, the eminent psychoanalyst Christoher Bollas published a commentary in the New York Times, “A conversation on the Edge of Human Perception,” about his remote/telehealth treatment of a woman with schizophrenia. He practices in North Dakota, and she lives in Norway.  Remarkably, medication was not part of her treatment, even though she had what sounds like severe psychotic symptoms.  She got significantly better with 5 years of intensive psychological treatment.

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