James Schroeder, PhD, an Indiana psychologist opposed to RxP, posted a thoughtful and detailed article about his concerns on 11-12-15, “Prescribing Privileges for Psychologists, Part II: Is Our Consent Fully Informed?”  Dr. Schroeder describes himself as a provider of universal and holistic health services with a focus on” natural, readily accessible interventions for patients and professionals.” This article follow up on a previous article, and is responding to efforts to promote RxP in Indiana.

His concerns about RxP fall into five categories:

The risk that psychology will “follow the path of psychiatry, and morph from the practice of psychology to the practice of pharmacology.”

  1. Concerns about the emerging evidence that big Pharma has fudged on the research about the benefits of mental health medications, and they are increasingly found a have unhelpful, or even dangerous, side effects.
  2. Related to #2, he also discusses concerns about the problems caused by long-term use of mental health medications.
  3. Concerns about the APA-approved training standards for RxP, and the question of whether the standards are adequate.
  4. Finally, he raises questions about logistical and practice-based concerns. In particular, he is concerned that RxP will narrow the definition in the mind of the public and other medical providers about what psychologists do, and will ultimately limit our effectiveness in the community.

He concludes by quoting Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior, writing, “Whatever your life’s work is, do it well,” and advocates that psychologists have many things that we do very well, and we should focus on expanding these skills rather than taking on RxP.


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