Published by, “Moves Like Putin: Why do Russian leaders all have the same weird walk?” discusses an article published in The British Medical Journal, “Gunslinger’s gait”: a new cause of unilaterally reduced arm swing.”This article is in the annual holiday issue, which publishes playful articles about offbeat topics.  The authors discuss Vladimir Putin’s distinctive gait, with noticeable less arm-swinging on the right side, which has persisted for years.  They discuss the possibility that he is developing Parkinson’s disease, but have to discard this hypothesis because of amply video evidence from his physical activities, which demonstrates that his right arm is as strong as his left.  They also find that a significant number of high-ranking Russian officials walk with the same gait, and put forth an interesting hypothesis – they learned to walk like this in their KGB training because they are trained to keep their gun on their right side, so they walk like tough guys to impress each other.  Even the ones who are not KGB mimic the others.

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