Medscape published “Prescribing Red Wine: An Rx for the End of Life,” on 12-30-15.  This article describes research about “prescribing” red wine for patients in palliative care programs. It may not be surprising that this research was done in France!  The “intervention” includes more than just drinking wine, and has a social element and also encourages patients near the end of their life to have as much pleasure as possible.  Of course, the “treatment” may not be used excessively, but the author’s prescription is:

RX:  Red wine of choice
Drink one 5-oz glass slowly, at night, no less than 2 hours before bed, preferably with food and at meal time, and with at least 10 oz of water, most nights prn.
Do not exceed or combine with other alcoholic beverages. May repeat x1.

This article was sources by the prolific Ken Pope, on his psychology posting service. Access to the Medscape site is free, but requires a subscription.  You may access the article directly courtesy of Ken.

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