The Inverse online news service published “Brain Surgeons Are Turning to Hypnosis as an Alternative to Anesthesia” on 12-29-15. While the headline overstates the development – should be “one team of surgeons uses hypnosis for brain surgery,” the article does provide an interesting overview of the history of “hypnosedation” and unique benefits of using it for “awake surgery” on the brain; these surgeries are necessary because the neurosurgeon is working on tumors that are close to important brain centers, and the patient must be alert enough to help guide the surgeon.  Hypnosedation enables the patient to be more alert than anesthesia traditionally used for these operations.

This is a radical use of a specialized psychological technique, which will only be rarely utilized by highly trained and skilled hypnotherapists, so is reporting on it primary because it is so interesting, and is another example of how mental health skills are being integrated into the medical field.

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