Mental health and wellness:  “Down the rabbit hole,” a report on presentation in London about creativity and mental health. This article was published by the British Psychological Society online on 1-21-16, and is a relatively brief summary of a presentation by two experts and was presented at the London College of Fashion as part of an ongoing series about what they call “wellbeing” research.

The article briefly summarizes what the research reported about research on creativity and mental health (most studies have methodological flaws), theories about why some people with mental health symptoms can be incredibly creative (their symptoms may help them narrow their focus and, paradoxically, open their mind to divergent lines of thinking), and the potential benefits of developing creative thinking for mental health wellbeing.

This brief article is kind of a teaser about a very intriguing area of psychological research.  mhconcierge will keep our eye out for future articles about this field of study.

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