Two behavioral studies about high BMI, SES, and stress

The Am. Psychological Association journal Health Psychology, published two articles of interest to behavioral professionals who treat people with weight problems in the Feb., 2016, issue. “Socioeconomic modifiers of genetic and environmental influences on body mass index in adult twins” reports on research that studied over 6,000 twin pairs, with a focus on how BMI is influenced by SES.  The results find that “when SES is higher, genetic factors become less influential,” and “both genetic and environmental variance decreased with increasing SES.”

Fascinating, and heartwarming, article about “mutually beneficial” therapy for traumatized vets and parrots

Fascinating, and heartwarming, article about “mutually beneficial” therapy for traumatized vets and parrots

The New York Times published, “Parrot Know About PTSD? An unexpected bond between damaged birds and traumatized veterans could reveal surprising insights into animal intelligence,” on 1-28-16. This is a fascinating article that provides background information about the needs of both human vets with PTSD and parrots, which are highly social creatures, which have been dislocated from a flock and often abused.  The article goes on to describe a fascinating program that unites traumatized vets and parrots, and the amazing benefits for both species.  The birds are “so attuned to being socially responsive that they can easily transfer that to

Update on sleep hygiene tips

The UK Guardian published “Zzzzzz…12 simple steps to a good night’s sleep,” on 1-31-16.  The author, Richard Wiseman, did a study of the habits of successful sleepers and published, “Night School: Wake Up to the Power of Sleep,” which appears to be available for download for free. He found twelve behavioral patterns that promote successful sleep.  The Guardian article notes that sleep problems are very common in the general population, with up to 1/3 of us having concern about our sleep. Of course, people with mental health problems have a higher incidence of sleep problems. The article is a helpful

Results of survey of Minnesota health care professionals about the MInnesotaCare Provider Tax

Thanks to the 380 professional colleagues who completed the 5 question survey about the MinnesotaCare Provider Tax.  Invitations to participate in this survey were sent to the members of two Minnesota Psychological Association listservs, a list of emails for over 3,000 licensed psychologists purchased from the Board of Psychology, several LinkedIn groups for mental health professionals, and by an email “blast” message provided by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, MN Chapter.