The online magazine published “When People with Schizophrenia Hear Voices, There Really Hearing Their Own Sub Vocal Speech: unlike most people, they just can’t tell it’s themselves,” on March 2, 2015. This interesting article reviews the phenomenon called sub vocal speech, normal sub vocal speech patterns, and how people schizophrenia have difficulty managing it. Researchers have studied people schizophrenia by placing a microphone against their throat to monitor the persons sub vocal speech as indicated by breathing and muscle movements. They theorize that the brain of schizophrenics misinterprets normal sub vocal speech, and comes up with an explanation for it that is unfortunately distorted and troubling to the person.

MHConcierge’s take: this information could potentially be helpful to mental health professionals who are treating people schizophrenia, perhaps by helping them find a different way of interpreting their auditory hallucinations.

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