Retired Minnesota psychologist Jack Schaffer, PhD, has written a book with a colleague, Emil Rodolfa, Ph.D., “A Student’s Guide to Assessment and Diagnosis Using the ICD-10-CM: Psychological and Behavioral Conditions.” It was published by APA in November, 2015. While it is written for students, it could provide a helpful overview of the ICD-10- CM for psychologists and other mental health professionals.

The book provides a conceptual framework for using the ICD-10-CM for assessment and diagnosis, and also reviews common challenges, errors, and biases involved with assessing patients and making diagnoses. Possible ethical and risk management challenges are also discussed. Dr. Schaffer currently is retired, and living the good life in North Carolina. Before retiring, spent 17 years in independent practice and 16 years as faculty in two medical schools and a professional school. He was an active member of MPA. He also has been an outspoken critic of APA’s push for prescription privileges for psychologists.

This book comes to our attention courtesy of the prolific psychological posting service of Ken Pope, PhD.

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