The New York Times published “Why Do Girls Tend to Have More Anxiety Than Boys?”  on 4-21-16. This article is written by a primary care physician who is also a psychologist, Leonard Sax, MD, Ph. D.. Dr. Sax is the author of four books on parenting. His article provides a thoughtful summary of the issues that are unique to girls, is very sensitive to the developmental and social challenges they are facing, and provides advice about parental interventions and clinical treatment.

He ends with:

I do prescribe medication, cautiously and judiciously, for the clinically anxious girl.  There also is a role for professional counseling, alongside or sometimes in place of medication.  Regardless, medication should never be the most important part of the treatment.  The most important part of the treatment is to prioritize the family, to give your child a secure grounding in a loving home.

mhconcierge’s take:  Wow.  Excellent clinical wisdom from a savvy PCP-psychologist. 

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