CDC report on ADHD treatment, finds behavioral therapy to be seriously underutilized

The CDC posted “Vital Signs: National and State-Specific Patterns of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Treatment Among Insured Children Aged 2–5 Years — United States, 2008–2014” on 5-6-16.  This is a detailed summary of a CDC research project that compared Medicaid (MA) and employer-sponsored insurance claims for utilization of “psychological services” for children prescribed ADHD medication.

APA Monitor article about bariatric psychologist

The American Psychological Association publication Monitor on Psychology published “Adventures in Integrated Care: A Bariatric Psychologist” in the June, 2016 issue. This article describes the work of Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., who is part of a bariatric team.  She had a postdoctoral fellowship specializing in obesity and bariatric surgery, and apparently works full time for her bariatric program.

Techology resources for enhancing mental health services in the office

Neuropsychologist and blogger W. Howard Buddin, Jr., Ph.D., posts irregularly on his blog and website. He seems to be a reliable source of information about neuropsychology and, of particular interest to, helpful practice resources.  Here are a few of his postings, some recent and some not so recent, that may be of interest to mental health professionals seeking help from quality technology resources and advice.

What Recent Artificial Intelligence Developments Mean for Humans

The June, 2016 issue of Wired magazine includes “The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and the End of Code: what that means for us.” This fascinating article describes recent progress with developing artificial intelligence programs, as illustrated by a recent contest between the world champion for the game Go and a computer program developed by a Google team.