The American Psychological Association publication Monitor on Psychology published “Adventures in Integrated Care: A Bariatric Psychologist” in the June, 2016 issue. This article describes the work of Rachel Goldman, Ph.D., who is part of a bariatric team.  She had a postdoctoral fellowship specializing in obesity and bariatric surgery, and apparently works full time for her bariatric program.

mhconcierge’s take: Dr. Goldman’s highly specialized training and full time work as a bariatric specialist are not typical for the average psychologist who provides bariatric services, but the article provides an excellent description of what psychologists with bariatric expertise can offer bariatric programs and the benefits of close coordination of care between the psychologist and the program staff. American demographic trends, which support viewing obesity in America as an escalating epidemic, indicate that there will be an increasing need for bariatric psychologists in the future.

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