The New York Times published “To Stem Obesity, Start Before Birth” on 7-11-16. This article follows up on “The Urgency in Fighting Childhood Obesity,” published on 7-5-16, and reports on recent studies that have found that children of obese mothers, and fathers, tend to more weight than children with non-obese parents at a certain stage of development.

The article goes on to review studies that find evidence for both genetic and psychosocial/behavior factors that contribute to this problem.  Finally – and the reason why MHConcierge thought you might be interested in this article- the author reports on implications for treatment options for children at risk for obesity, including helping parents to promote healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle in the home.

mhconcierge’s take: Fighting childhood obesity is increasingly relying on helping parents to make behavioral changes of their own, and to help them help their children make behavioral changes.  This information may be used by health care psychologists and other mental health professionals concerned about childhood obesity to both refine their treatment plans and to coordinate services with other health care professionals, particularly pediatricians.

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