The Wall Street Journal published “Tim Duncan’s Other Career as an Academic Psychologist: San Antonio Spurs legend, who has announced his retirement from the NBA, once logged a valuable assist in the world of academic research” on 7-11-16.  This article reports that NBA star Tim Duncan, known as an unusually nice, and non-narcissistic, professional athlete, helped research and write book chapter about egotism in college.

mhconcierge’s take: First, Tim was NOT an academic psychologist- he was an undergraduate research assistant.  The article does provide an entertaining report about his involvement in the project, which may be more of interest to mental health professionals who are NBA fans. It is a pleasure to read about a professional athlete who apparently was able to resist the usual personal trajectory that results in entitlement, arrogance and the rest of the psychological profile of the typical professional athlete.

The New York Times published a more serious article about narcissism, “The Narcissist Next Door,” on 7-18-16. This article provides an excellent review of the current thinking about narcissism, and explains that it is difficult to treat, but may be treated successfully, but, “It may take an insurmountable life crisis for those with the disorder to seek treatment.”

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