The New York Magazine published “Can Attachment Theory Explain All Our Relationships?” on 7-5-16.  This long and very well-researched article was written by a young mother who was anxious about how her own insecurities might affect her child.  She has a long history of therapy.  The article reviews classic attachment theory, emerging awareness of problems with it, and emerging research that finds the most parents actually are “good enough” parents and their children are likely to turn out well – even if the parent has some problems.

mhconcierge’s take: this long and thorough article is very well written. It reviews the concerns that classic attachment theory can trigger for almost any parent who has not had years of therapy, and provides a heartening antidote to these anxieties.

The New York Times also published an article about attachment, “Can Love Redeem the Sins of Jonah Lehrer?,” by David Brooks, on 7-12-16.  The author is a political commentator for the NYT whose commentary can be pretty contrarian, but this article is a thoughtful and insightful review of “A Book About Love,” by Jonah Lehrer, who is a journalist who was disgraced for ethical lapses and, according to Mr. Brooks, redeemed himself with a remarkable book about love and attachment.  Mr. Brooks’ commentary is an articulate review of the book and commentary about attachment and commitment – highly recommended.

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