The Wall Street Journal published “For Rats, a Good Tickling Can Change the World: A study of tickled rats shows how emotions can affect how we view the world” on 7-14-16.  This article reviews interesting research about how rats experience pleasure and how pleasure affects their motivation., and implications for human motivation. This research has found that there are naturally “optimistic” and “pessimistic” rats, like humans, and the pessimists respond to treatments, including both behavioral interventions, change in environment and antidepressant medication, and become more “optimistic.” The article discusses implications implications for human motivation, and uses the typical gambling casino environment as an example: making people feel happy, and more optimistic, entices them into taking more risks when gambling.

mhconcierge’s take: This article discusses creative research that measured the mindset of a population that cannot describe how they are feeling.  It is an entertaining read, with interesting implications for human motivation.

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