Courtesy of Kaiser Health News, one of several daily healthcare news posting services that MH concierge monitors, an article published by, “The Secret Documents That Detail How Patients’ Privacy Is Breached.” This article reports that the federal agency responsible for monitoring HIPAA violations response to most patient complaints with a “closure letter” that reprimands the healthcare professional and reminding the professional of their HIPAA responsibilities.

The article reports that the federal agency both does not have funds to make all of these findings public and also would need to redact patient information, and does not currently have the structure to do this.

mhconcierge’s take: this report is a reminder that HIPAA violations are currently being reviewed, but most do not result in punishment. This article probably should be a sobering reminder to attend to our HIPAA responsibilities, but also may help reduce some stress and that if we slip up we are not likely to find herself on the front page of the local paper or plunged into bankruptcy by a huge fine.

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