The Moderating Effect of Physical Exercise in Anxiety Disorder: A Review” was published by the European Proceedings of Social and Behavioral Sciences on 6-28-16. This article noted the emerging body of research in support of the benefits of exercise for people with depression. The authors reviewed research about the benefits of exercise for people with anxiety disorders.

The authors conclude that there is evidence in support of using exercise as part of the treatment plan for anxiety disorders, and “chronic”, or endurance, exercise “appeared to be more beneficial for reducing anxiety disorder then acute bouts of exercise, and that moderate aerobic exercise reduced anxiety disorder symptoms effectively.” They also noted that relaxation and meditation exercise, such as yoga, is beneficial.
mhconcierge’s take: this article expands on the emerging body of research in support of the benefits of lifestyle changes as part of an effective treatment plan for many mental health conditions. Mental health professionals do not need to turn themselves into physical trainers, but it does appear to be helpful to counsel our clients/patients about the benefits of increasing their activity level.
This article comes to our attention courtesy of the prolific psychology posting service provided by Ken Pope, PhD.

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