“The Secret of Popularity – what makes one classmate more popular than another? Research points to a key skill: the ability to tune in to another person’s perspective,” was published by the Wall Street Journal on 7-22-16. This article reviews recent research findings about popular teens. The results find that this group has superior social skills, which they may use for “sociometric popularity” (resulting in nice kids with empathy for their peers, resulting in popularity among their peers) or “perceived popularity” (resulting in kids that focus on gaining status and admiration).

A particular interest to therapists, the article includes some helpful advice for interventions that therapist, and parents, can use to help teens improve their social skills, and possibly improve their popularity.
mhconcierge’ s take: this is an interesting and well-written article that provides both research information about an important aspect of teen life and ideas of how to help teens who are having problems in this area.

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