“Food, a Place to Sleep and Other Basic Patient Needs” was published by the New York Times on 7-20-16. This article was written by a physician, and describes the challenges that physicians face when treating patients with psychosocial barriers to treatment compliance.

For example, they may be homeless, lack transportation, lack funds for healthy nutrition, or may not even have adequate insurance. The article describes a CMS project, part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which is developing Accountable Health Communities. These programs are designed to build partnerships among state Medicaid agencies, health systems, and community service providers to address barriers to receiving effective medical treatment. The NYT article references and innovative program created by Hennepin County, Hennepin Health, as an example of a program that is sniffling improve services and reduced medical expenses.

mnconcierge’s is take: Minnesota DHS is in the process of establishing a new, innovative program, Behavioral Health Homes. Behavioral professionals can refer their patients with complex medical and mental health treatment needs for support, help with coordination care, and general care management services. Stay tuned for a future article that details this interesting new benefit-which is limited to people covered by Minnesota Medicaid.

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