Dodos and Dropouts: Two Chronic Problems in Psychotherapy (and what clinicians can do about Them)” was posted by Scott Miller, PhD, on 8-16-16. The “dodos” part of the title refers to his take on recent research comparing dynamic therapy cognitive therapy, which found that to be equivalent. He finds his research to fit with previous research that finds, “nothing works for everyone. To find the right path, therapists, and the people they serve, need choice.”

He goes on to comment about an underreported aspect of the current study, which is the number of people who dropped out after single visit with their therapist. This occurred in spite of a very thorough recruitment and vetting process that actually retained only 5% of the initial applicants for this study! He goes on to provide three evidence-based ideas for improving engaging and retaining patients. Should be noted that Scott markets the FIT outcomes measurement system, and, of course, is advocating for both outcomes-informed therapy and, in particular, use of his FIT product. Natalis Outcomes provides an alternate outcomes measurement inventory, the Health Dynamics Inventory Connect, which may be administered by smartphone, tablet and computer.

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