Correcting Metabolic Deficiencies May Improve Depression Symptoms” was posted on 8-12-16 by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  This is a report of a study of people with treatment-resistant depression, which found that a significant portion of the study group had metabolic deficiencies while NONE of the control group had such deficiencies.  A significant number of the treatment group showed remarkable benefit from treatment for their metabolic deficiency – some are reported to even be in remission from what sounds like chronic and severe depression.

This article comes to our attention courtesy of the Psychiatric Times blog.

mhconcierge’s take:  this report describes interesting research findings which may help provide insight into treatment-resistant depression, and hope for patients/clients, but it is not clear who we could refer our patients to for assessment of metabolic deficiencies – perhaps the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing?  This info does support the benefits of close collaboration with medical colleagues, especially for our more complex and challenging patients. 

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