Website SEO tips and video about how to chose technology resources

The website The Practice Academy posted “Why these 4 websites rank higher and attract more clients than yours” on 9-14-16. This article is a bit dense for those who are not savvy about website technology and search engine optomization concepts, but if you hand in there will will probably get some ideas of things you can to to increase the ranking of your website on browser searches.

Integrating therapy and mindfulness practice: amazing online course

The Center for Healthy Minds, part of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has releases an amazing online course, “Mindfulness and Meditation: Techniques That Can Improve Your Wellbeing.”  It features the neuroscientist Richard Davidson, Ph.D.  From the announcement: Famed neuroscientist Richard Davidson has spent the last 30 years researching the intimate relationship between meditation, emotions, and brain health. And he’s found that by practicing a few specific meditation exercises, it’s possible to change your brain and build well-being.