The Center for Healthy Minds, part of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, has releases an amazing online course, “Mindfulness and Meditation: Techniques That Can Improve Your Wellbeing.”  It features the neuroscientist Richard Davidson, Ph.D.  From the announcement:

Famed neuroscientist Richard Davidson has spent the last 30 years researching the intimate relationship between meditation, emotions, and brain health. And he’s found that by practicing a few specific meditation exercises, it’s possible to change your brain and build well-being. 

In this course from Life Reimagined, Dr. Davidson explains what he calls the 6 Dimensions of Emotional Style, which are a guide to show how we behave during social interactions, while facing adversity, and while navigating life’s curveballs. He shows participants how to find out where they fall on the spectrum for each dimension of emotional style. And he shows meditation practices that can help participants change their brains and emotional style to increase focus, decrease stress, and help cultivate a more caring and mindful life.

Dr. Davidson blends research and a high level of knowledge about trational meditation/mindfulness practices.  The course has two units, broken into a total of 13 lessons, so it is pretty detailed.  It also provides a list of high quality resources.

mhconcierge’s take:  This online course could be an excellent resource for mental health professionals and consumers who want to know more about mindfulness and meditation as resources for both wellness and therapy.  The best news: it is free.  One possible downside: it requires a considerable time investment to view all 13 lessons.  If someone completes the course and wants to write a review, mhconcierge would love to post it. 

This resource comes to our attention courtesy of the prolific psychology posting service provided by Ken Pope, Ph.D.

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