New MN DHS benefit, Behavioral Health Homes: Resources for people with severe and complex conditions

Psychologists and other mental health professionals who serve people with more complex and challenging problems may want to refer them to a new DHS service, Behavioral Health Homes. (BHH).  BHH services can increase support and treatment resources for the person, and can help the mental health professional better respond to the person’s needs.

New guidelines for diabetes treatment create opportunities for health care psychologists

The American Diabetes Association recently issued guidelines for better addressing the psychosocial needs of persons with diabetes.  The guidelines illustrate both opportunities for expanding health care psychology by collaborating with primary care physicians, and also some significant challenges.  “Landmark psychosocial guidelines for diabetes spark debate over the ideal versus the practical” was published by, an online news service, on 12-8-16.  This article discusses these guidelines as “a state-of-the-art approach to delivering integrated mental health especially services to this patient population.”