Following  up on a previous MHConcierge blog posting about the emerging opportunities for mental health organizations, and even small groups of professionals, to use outcomes data to negotiate with payers, Open Minds posted an article that advocates for using our own outcomes data to look out for ourselves.

It includes the following interesting statements:

Know your value: Do not wait for the payers to tell you what you value. Provider organizations are the experts and usually have extensive experience. Do not rely on just what your state Medicaid agency measures already. Do the work to determine what value you provide to your customers and payers. This also means being able to measure it and monitor it. If you are proactive in understanding your value, you are much more likely to help shape how you are paid. (emphasis added)


Shape your information so it serves you: Provider organizations have a lot of data for regulatory agencies and payers, but are they shaping that data into information to monitor performance? If you aren’t, start putting that information together ASAP. Do not wait until you have a managed care contract where you have under-estimated your costs. An information system should be able to help with measuring outcomes, and it should also be able to assist with service line cost, service line revenue, and unit cost. (again, emphasis added)

mhconcierge’s take: There are emerging opportunities for using outcomes data to demonstrate the value of our services – but we cannot wait for others to do it for us. They are likely to choose outcomes measures that do not best measure the value that we provide.

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