From the blog, “LSD ‘microdosing’ is trending in Silicon Valley – but can it actually make you more creative?” Posted on 2-15-17, and written by a professor of clinical neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge, this article provides a thorough review of recent research about the potential therapeutic benefits of small doses of psychedelic drugs, and goes on to also review the trend of some creative types using “microdoses” of LSD to try to enhance their creativity.

The author notes, “while these studies do provide some insight, they are mere anecdotal by modern research standards” and “microdosing with an illegal, unregulated drug is of course fraught with risks.”

It is therefore important that more research is done on the safety and efficacy of microdosing. In the meantime, physical exercise, education, social interaction, mindfulness and good quality sleep have all been shown to improve cognitive performance and overall well-being.

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