Medscape Psychiatry posted “Twittering on About Mental Health: Is It Worth the Effort? ” on 2-21-17.  This article reviews some interesting research about use of Twitter to increase visits to a medical website, and has implications for potential professional use of social networking platforms.

To cut to the chase: the study found that a randomized control trial found that Tweets about the site resulted in threefold increases of both hits on the site and also time spent on the webpage!

The article also provides a brief, but thorough, review of the potential benefits, and risks, of use of Twitter by medical professionals, which clearly also apply to mental health professionals.

The potential benefits are considerable – Twitter can be a quick and easy way to connect with colleagues, to disseminate quality information about professional developments and research findings, and can be a way to connect with potential consumers of your services. The authors also note that it is increasingly common for research findings to be announced, and discussed, via social networking platforms.

mhconcierge’s take: mnconcierge consistently becomes aware of interesting information on social networking sites, including Twitter, and this info is either not available on traditional news sites or gets published later – sometimes much later.

nhconcierge will be presenting about social networking resources for psychologists at the Minnesota Psychological Association Annual Convention on Friday, April. 7.  We hope to see you there.

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