MHConcierge has an ongoing interest in emerging research about the mental health benefits of things like yoga, exercise, and healthy nutrition –  all potential resources to recommend to our patients/clients to try between their appointments.  “Twice weekly yoga classes plus home practice effective in reducing symptoms of depression,” from, posted 3-6-17.

The study compared two groups of patients with MDD, one of which received a “high dose” of yoga training, three 90-minute classes per week, plus home practice,  and the other received “low dose” training, two 90 minutes yoga classes per week, plus home practice (most patient would find both programs to be pretty “high dose”).

The results found that the “higher dose” group had less depression symptoms at the end of the study.  The authors note, however, that the “lower dose” program is probably more do-able for most people. The authors also speculate, “ “While most pharmacologic treatment for depression target monoamine systems, such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine, this intervention targets the parasympathetic and gamma aminobutyric acid system and provides a new avenue for treatment.”

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