One trend that MHConcierge has been tracking with interest is an emerging body of research in support of using the psychoactive drug ketamine for treatment of severe, treatment resistant depression. On 3-20-27 NPR broadcasted  Ketamine for Severe Depression: ‘how you do not offer this drug to people?’

The article reviews the research and support of rapid benefits from a single dose of ketamine, but also research that finds that the benefits wear off after a few days or weeks.  The article also reviews research about a drug chemically related to ketamine, esketamine.  Also, the Science of Us blog posted Once It Fully Catches on, Ketamine Could Be a Really Important Antidepressant on 3-21-17. The article acknowledges the “transient” benefits of ketamine treatment, but also concludes, “… given that the drug is targeting people with some of the scariest, most dangerous forms of depression, that seems to be a price patients and doctors alike are willing to pay.”

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