What Your Therapist Doesn’t Know: Big data as transformed everything from sports to politics to education. Entrance for mental health treatment, to-if only psychologists would stop ignoring it was published by the Atlantic magazine in the April, 2017 issue. This article, written by a therapist, discusses her very personal efforts, in response to the tragic death of a patient, to try to make her therapy more effective. She goes on to review use of outcomes measurement tools in therapy, including “psychotherapy metrics” which are used to create algorithms predicting when patients are at risk of deterioration.

This research has resulted in “feedback-informed treatment,” or FIT. The article describes the work of Scott D. Miller and at the International Center for Clinical Excellence, which has developed a FIT system using algorithms from 250,000 complicated therapy cases. She also notes that utilization of various FI systems continues to be low, in part probably because clinicians have not been trained in how to use FIT feedback data to improve treatment. Also, there are many variations of outcomes measures and clinicians should consider which measure might be best match for their own practice.

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