Psychoanalysts seek to make their professional relevant

Saving Sigmund: psychoanalysts fight to make their profession relevant was posted by the blog on 3-15-17. This article reviews psychoanalysis’s history of having a “arrogant and aloof” reputation, and for not being willing to partner with other healthcare professions and to utilize research and treatment outcomes measures.

Research supports the benefits of (fairly intensive) yoga training for MDD

MHConcierge has an ongoing interest in emerging research about the mental health benefits of things like yoga, exercise, and healthy nutrition –  all potential resources to recommend to our patients/clients to try between their appointments.  “Twice weekly yoga classes plus home practice effective in reducing symptoms of depression,” from, posted 3-6-17.

Should you change your clinical documentation for people at risk for deportation?

From the blog, “Why I’ve learning to leave blank spots in some patients’ medical records,” posted 3-6-17.  This article reviews potential problems that medical documentation can cause for undocumented people.   To cut to the chase: HIPPA protects patient health information, but it is “not an unconditional legal shield” if you are working undocumented people who may be subject to deportation.