One topic that is an ongoing interest for MHConcierge is the potential benefits of integrating mindfulness, including meditation and yoga training, with mental health services. Study shows how slow breathing induces tranquility is part of a trend of research in this area.

It reports on neurological research done at the Stanford University School of Medicine which identified a “respiratory pacemaker” in the brain. The study used mice trained to slow their breathing, and found not only neurological changes but also interesting behavioral changes-in a novel environment, rather than showing anxious behaviors they were behaviorally more relaxed. Breathing-control exercises are an important part of any meditation practice, and are increasingly prescribed by a mental health and medical professionals or people with anxiety conditions. This study provides a neurological understanding of why breathing rate is associated with mood. The study was funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health and was reported by on 3-31-17.

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