President of Am. Psychological Association, and policy wonk, Tony Puente, Ph.D., posted a podcast about important national health policy issues and opportunities.  It is the second podcast in a new program, Progress Notes: Keeping Tabs on the Practice of Psychology, produced by APA.

Dr. Puente’s 15 minute presentation, Psychology’s Role in Health Care, (requires iTunes to view) discusses the importance of expanding the practice of psychology by expanding the number of CPT codes that we can use, the benefits of  partnering with medical professionals, and ways that psychologists can help improve the US medical care system. He makes a strong case, I think, for the need for psychologists, and other behavioral professionals, to be active in their professional organizations and to advocate for “being at the table” for health care reform.

Finally, Dr. Puente emigrated from Cuba in his youth, and makes a pitch for reaching out to Cuban psychologists to both support them and to learn from how deeply integrated they are into the Cuban medical system.

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