Study: Behavioral Treatments for Adult ADHD Have Benefit

Meta-Analysis of Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments for Adult ADHD reviews the incidence of adult ADHD, impairments of the disorder, and the standard treatment protocol, which uses medication initially (“as the first-line treatment”).  Not all adults with ADHD continue, however, respond to medication, and many who do respond still experience continued significant, even impairing symptoms.

Study: overweight kids have increased (4X) (!) risk of depression as adults

Being overweight in childhood may heighten lifetime risk of depression, posted 5-18-17.  Children who are overweight, as defined by a BMI between 25 and 29.9 (not “obese”) at age 8 or 13 years were found to have more than a 4-times increase in risk of lifetime MDD in comparison to children who were normal weight who went on to become overweight as adults.