From Medscape Psychiatry, Parent-Based Therapy Tops All Others for Disruptive Behavior, was posted on 5-4-17. This article reviews a study by the CDC which reviewed 64 studies of treatment for childhood disruptive behavior problems, and found that only group therapy focused on parenting skills and “individual parent behavior therapy with child participation” meet criteria as evidence-based therapies.

The lead CDC investigator was quoted: “These therapies can provide parents the tools to serve as their child’s best advocate and guide their child’s behavior during their everyday interactions. Given the range of therapies in practice, this update provides information about the most effective approaches to ensure families are receiving evidence-based care.” And, “The results of this review add even more support behind the notion that parental involvement in treating disruptive behavioral issues in children is very important. The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Therapy on May 1.  A free subscription to Medscape Psychiatryis required to access the Medscape article.

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